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We build the foundation for English language acquisition. Come in and take a placement test, today!

Elementary 1-6

The focus shifts to test-taking strategies with the 내신 and advanced TedTalk interactive classes.

Middle School

Our experts teach the 수능, SAT, ACT, and GED. Also, we provide College Consultation and Essay Writing programs.

High School


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New School Year begins February 3rd, 2020
Student Writing

Essential Tips for Elementary School students.

We pride ourselves on tailoring our teaching to the student. We use new, innovative lesson-strategies and focus on student needs. We build the foundations for learning.

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Endurance English Mentors

We are firm believers in being mentors and not just teachers. Endurance is committed to raising future speakers and leaders, not just reviewing class material with business in mind. We are dedicated to being there for our students through all of the icebergs that may block their way.

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