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Middle & High School



Full Immersion - Speaking,Writing, Listening, Reading

TedTalks Series

Middle School Learners will focus primarily on the dynamic TedTalk Series and project -based learning. Students will supplement  their learning with intense Vocabulary tests and grammar classes if needed.


Novel & Writing


Students will have a healthy dose of classic literature to build a solid foundation for higher-learning. In addition, we will compliment their reading with advanced writing skills for TOEFL and SAT.

Our Program Design

Middle School

Middle School students will have a diverse set of needs. We provide compete guidance regardless of the student's level. We pride ourselves on custom-fitting our teaching for 내신 testing and all school work. Most classes will meet for 3-4 hours, once, or twice a week.

High School

High School learners will make up a very special part of our program. We have very experienced teachers that have worked with almost all the high-schools in Korea. Most students will have classes on the weekends and focus on literature, writing, and SAT test prep.

University Consultation Services

Our experienced staff will guide students through the entire process from SAT, ACT test-taking, to college applications and essay submissions. We provide several different packages from basic editing services and classes to private intensive learning and full consultation services for university applicants.

PLEASE contact us and come in for consultation!

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