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Elementary School





Students from Elementary 1st grade to 4th grade will focus on reading comprehension using the well-known series, Treasures. This series will be complimented with Evan-Moor learning books to accelerate student learning.


Reading & Writing


Evan-Moor is our latest edition of materials for young learners. The Even-Moor series has proven to provide a solid base for student reading and writing. Most students will use this series starting from 3rd grade. 



Evan-Moor & Others

All Elementary School students will focus on grammar in some way. We use many different books  to help students master the basics and tailor-fit our material for each student if need be.


Full Immersion - Speaking,Writing, Listening, Reading

TedTalks Series

Starting from 5th Grade, students can elect to join the TedTalks program. This program is presentation heavy and teaches students to be active in their language use. This program will also be the dominant program for Middle School Students.


Interactive - Multimedia


Endurance English has partnered with tickr to give students a new and exciting way to be a part of a diverse community of learners!  Parents and teachers can track their students work through exciting online projects and help students to build a wonderful portfolio online!

Our Program Design

Elementary 1st - 4th

Students meet 2 times a week for 2 hour classes. Students will need to take a placement test and join an existing class or a new one, depending on scheduling. Students will ideally have a different teacher for each day.

We strongly believe in leaving no youth behind. Please feel confidentin bringing in your child for testing and immediate placement according to schedules. 

We believe in focused learning. Students in this age group tend to waste their time and energy in long classes that become unproductive. As a result, we have maximized their learning in shorter classes, where students can be more productive.

Elementary 5th - 6th

Students in this age group have more options. They can work with lower level materials and fundamentals, or opt for the more dynamic TedTalks program. Depending on the program students will meet twice a week for between 2-4 hours a day.

Higher learners will have intense Vocabulary tests and focus on working towards TOEFL and SAT style Reading and Writing. 

Students will also have many options for Classic Novels with our expert Literature teachers.

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